8200-237 - Jabra Panacast 50

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Manufacturer Jabra
Part number 8200-237
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    Engineered to be the first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar.

    Astounding Sound
    From the world leaders in professional audio

    Picture Perfect
    180° field of view in Panoramic-4K

    On-device AI
    Powers a range of intelligent features

    Our first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar.
    In a world where we’re more physically separated than ever, you need great audio and great video for your remote meetings. But you also need to make your offices and collaboration spaces safer for everyone who uses them.

    With our industry-leading professional audio, advanced and innovative 180° video technology and a range of unique intelligence-driven features, PanaCast 50 gives you the power to put safe, socially distanced meetings back on the table – whatever your ‘new normal’ looks like.

    Hear and be heard, naturally.
    Meetings flow better when everyone can communicate clearly. Our advanced beamforming technology maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio for crystal-clear voices, anywhere in the room.

    And with full duplex technology, everyone can contribute to the conversation in real time. So those verbal cues that are so integral to face-to-face conversations will never go unheard.

    All in.
    In addition to our world-leading audio, we’ve gone all-in on inclusive video that keeps everyone, well… all in.

    Three 13-megapixel cameras, mounted in a high-precision, multi-camera array, cover every part of the room.

    But here’s the really clever part:

    Our patented real-time video stitching technology intelligently decides exactly the right point to live-stitch the three feeds together, creating a smooth, 180° view in high-definition Panoramic-4K.

    That means nobody is squeezed together, distorted or missing from the picture. Jabra PanaCast 50 puts inclusive meetings back on the table, safely.

    We’ve gone all-in on getting you all in.

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