Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600

Overhead scanner - 432 x 300 mm - 285 dpi x 283 dpi - USB 2.0
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Manufacturer Fujitsu
Part number PA03641-B301
  • €595.00
  • Detailed information
    • One-button overhead scanning technology
    • Scans bound material and flat documents
    • Scans an A3 size area in less than 3 seconds
    • CCD optic with fast LED illumination
    • Book curve image-flattening technology
    • Erase finger from image function
    • Auto crop, de-skew and rotation features
    • Auto page-turn detection sensor
    • Timed interval scanning mode
    • USB 2.0 connectivity
    • Searchable PDF, PDF and JPEG creation
    • Single scan multiple document cropping function
    • ScanSnap Receipt
    • ScanSnap Sync
    The ScanSnap SV600 from Fujitsu for PC and Mac is a versatile overhead scanner that allows for the digitization of a range of material including newspapers, bound documents, magazines and books without the need for cutting or causing damage. Additionally it can simply and intuitively scan a variety of loose paper such as delicate information, maps, delivery notes, receipts, business cards, historical documents and blueprints.

    Position the documents on the black pad and scan directly without any extra effort. The maximum document size capable of being scanned is 400 x 300 mm if the thickness of the document is more than 5 mm, and the maximum size is 432 x 300 mm if the thickness is less than 5 mm. Documents up to 30 mm thickness can be scanned.

    ScanSnap's user-friendly Quick Menu can be set up to automatically appear after scanning offering a multitude of 'scan to' destinations for your scanned data thereby facilitating smooth and efficient operation. This could be sending your business cards via CardMinder to a database package, typed documents to editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or simply sending documents to your cloud account for viewing anywhere and anytime.

    With VI technology, the SV600 ensures that scanning can be performed even without touching the document. This means that historical and aged material and documents that may be prone to damage, such as paintings, photos, and pencil or crayon drawings, can be scanned without the need for touching or being fed through a mechanism.

    If you are scanning a bound document it is quick and easy to scan multiple pages quickly and smoothly - page turning detection combined with a built-in timed mode can ensure that a predetermined scan is initiated after a page turn has been detected. Book image correction automatically corrects any distortion introduced by the natural curvature of a book, for a clear, easily readable image. Additionally timed mode can be set to automatically start the scan process after a predetermined time.

    In just one touch you can capture up to 10 documents of differing sizes in just one scan pass. Place several business cards, receipts and photos within the scanning area and the SV600 will capture all the documents and will intelligently crop to the exact size.

    The start up time of the SV600 is very quick - just three seconds is required from start up to being scan ready and then a further three seconds to scan an A3 size document, at up to 600dpi in color. The SV600 is robust with a solid footing, yet compact enough to enable efficient usage of your workspace without imposing on your daily routines when not in use.

    The bundled business card scanning software scans large volumes of business cards into digital business card holders, and enables you to transfer business card information into Excel, Outlook Express, Salesforce, and other databases for future reference.

    A few simple steps to digitize and manage the information on your receipts. ScanSnap Receipt allows you to easily scan and extract information from your receipts, and export the data for other accounting software. The sophisticated features within ScanSnap Receipt automatically support various languages and currencies.

    The Quick Menu can be set up to display your 'Favorite' scanning destinations or will 'Recommend' an application. Scan a business card, for example, and the SV600 will automatically recognize the card and recommend a list of installed business card-related applications.

    ABBYY FineReadder for ScanSnap bundled OCR (optical character recognition) software lets you scan documents with machine print directly to editable Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint format.

    The bundled Nuance PDF software allows users to read directly from cloud based applications and to save directly to those cloud based applications meaning that the possibility of using and sharing digital documents is extended.

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