The HP Partner Program

A powerful global partner program designed for the customer-driven digital age.

The HP Amplify Impact program is an industry-first partner assessment and training program that enables us to drive positive change by leveraging HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy. DCB Group are proud to confirm our commitment to the program and believe we all have a part to play in ensuring we have a meaningful impact on Climate Action, Human Rights and Digital Equity goals.


Until 2015 HP was one business with one all-encompassing partner program called the HP Preferred Partner Program. Those who have been in the industry a while will remember the HP Preferred Partner Program ‘wheel’ shown here with four specializations and eighteen sub-specializations. There were four program tiers.HP split into HP Inc and HP Enterprise in 2015, and two partner programs emerged. For HPE is was the Partner Ready Program. For HP Inc it was the Partner First Program. Partner First was simplified in 2017 to three program tiers (Silver, Platinum, Gold) and three program tracks (Volume Resell, System Integration, ISV).2020 saw the replacement of the Partner First Program with the HP Amplify Program, which is radically different from its predecessors, and which represents a model for future industry programs.


A lot has changed in ten years. The old HP Preferred Partner Program had four tiers and eighteen specializations. Amplify has two tiers and one specialization. The two tiers are ‘Synergy’ (lower tier) and ‘Power’ (upper tier). The specialization is called ‘Power Services’ and is open to Power partners who have specialist services capabilities. The Power Servicers specialization gives partners access to the HP Managed Services portfolio (e.g. Managed Print Services).Partner level in program (Synergy or Power) is based on three criteria:• PERFORMANCE = revenue metrics, including selling across the HP portfolio.• CAPABILITIES = partner skills certifications, also order management and customer support capabilities.• COLLABORATION = sales and customer data sharing, commitment to joint planning, customer success.Each of the three program levelling criteria above is supported by a scorecard that assesses partner performance across a range of measurements. The stated goal is to focus HP resources on partners who make a strategic choice to align with HP’s channel vision.HP explains that successful partners are likely to be:• Digitally Capable, particularly around marketing and order management.• Customer Centric, gathering and analysing customer success data.• As a Service, able to sell and deliver consumption-based solutions.• Value Added, offer expertise and services that add value.


‘Amplify Impact’ is a partner assessment and training program add-on that aims to drive behavior around three ‘sustainability impact pillars’: planet, people and community. Amplify Impact is a voluntary specialization and HP aims to enrol half of its partner base by 2025.


•  SIMPLICITY. Many vendors talk about simplicity, and few deliver. HP has delivered. Two program tiers and one specialization is a best practice model.

• FLEXIBILITY. Use of criteria and scorecards for partner levelling, rather than hard rules, is a growing trend in modern partner programs. See our ServiceNow blog.

• ALIGNMENT. HP makes it clear that it’s pivoting channel investment towards partners who commit to strategic alignment with HP. Expect fewer partners in the program driving more revenue.

The key challenge for HP will be staying true to these program values. It will be hard for HP to retain simplicity and flexibility. Legacy relationships, sub-programs and local market variations will need to be integrated over time into the new structure. That will not be easy.