SEE-UNI-45X14-100 - Accuratus Flat Universal Keyboard Cover (100 pack)

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Manufacturer Accuratus
Part number SEE-UNI-45X14-100
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    The Accuratus universal flat silicone keyboard cover is available in 2 sizes, full size keyboard and compact size keyboard designed to fit most keyboards. These universal covers are
    constructed of durable and flexible flat silicone, for fast and easy cleaning to keep germs, bacteria and virus's under control. These keyboard covers are perfect for hospitals, schools,
    universities, laboratories, offices, libraries, dental surgeries, publically shared devices and food processing plants where all items must be disposable for contamination control.
    These transparent disposable keyboard protectors provide reliable protection without interfering with the operation in any way. They are designed to cover and protect surfaces against
    liquid spills, dust, food, oil, lint, bacteria, germs, finger prints, grease, moisture and can be used until soiled. They also prolong longevity! These skins will protect exposed keyboard surfaces
    yet leaving all keyboard markings clearly visible and fully functionable while staying snug in place so you can type easily. Available in packs of 5,20,50 and 100.

    • Pack of 100 universal keyboard covers (20 and 50 packs also available)
    • Designed to fit the majority of full size 105 key keyboards
    • Large 45 x 14 cm size, smaller 37 x 14 cm size also available for compact layout keyboards
    • Durable and flexible silicone material
    • Flat silicone surface for fast and easy cleaning to keep germs, bacteria and virus's under control.

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