Cisco 4451-X - Router

GigE - rack-mountable
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Manufacturer Cisco
Part number ISR4451-X/K9
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    • A multi-core CPU architecture running Cisco software that dynamically adapts to the changing needs of branch environments
    • Control data and services plane to deliver application-aware services while maintaining high reliability during peak load
    • Services-aware data plane that simplifies provisioning and configuration, and scales to Gigabit forwarding performance
    • Wide range of wired connectivity options
    • Built-in services virtualization framework that enables faster feature integration and investment protection
    The Cisco 4451-X revolutionizes delivery of services to high-end branch offices to promote a high-quality application experience. This router provides Gigabit forwarding performance and the broadest set of services available natively on a single-box solution. It offers appliance-level reliability, pay-as-you-grow services without disruption, and simplified operations that reduce expenses.

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